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Matt Bianco
Matt Bianco

The best works

Whose Side are You On?

Whose Side Are You On? (1984)The band’s remarkable debut in 1984 packed the charts and assured the trio of Matt Reilly, Danny White (b. 1959), and Basia (b. 1959) a place in the musical firmament. Such tracks as “Whose Side are You On?”, “Matt's Mood”, and “Half a Minute”—with jazzy bass and horns, funky piano slicks, Latin American percussion, and youthful vocal harmonies—thrilled and captivated listeners with an innovative sound that they had never heard before.


Indigo (1988)On Matt Bianco's 1988 output, Mark Reilly and Mark Fisher (who had replaced Danny White and Basia) transformed the band’s Latin/jazz sound into an even more sophisticated amalgam of high-tech dance, salsa, R&B, and rap beats and tight vocal harmonies. The best cuts—the up tempo “Don't Blame it on That Girl” and “Good Times”, and the Brazilian-tinged ballads “Hanging On” and “Say It's Not Too Late”—are pumped with pleasant riots of brass, percussion, keyboards, and Mr. Reilly’s urbane vocals.

Another Time Another Place

Another Time Another Place (1994)Opening with the joyous “Our Love”, the band's 1993 release—their fifth—contains the happiest of all of Matt’s moods, whether bouncy like “Buddy Love”, street-smart like “Your Destiny”, or cozy like “Head Over Heels”. The album is also the band's most confident to date, concatenating the classiest of their Latin, funk, and jazz values with syncopated arrangements and catchy melodies. Check out the stunningly elegant “You and I”.

Matt's Mood

Matt's Mood (2004)

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