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Barbra Streisand
Barbra Streisand

“The basic task of the artist
is to explore the human condition. . .
We are continuously trying to educate ourselves. And with learning comes compassion.
Education is the enemy of bigotry and hate.”

BARBRA Streisand's passion for truthfulness and excellence in her work has been a benchmark in film and music for over forty years. As singer, actress, director, producer, composer, and stand-up citizen, she holds a voluminous list of award-winning, record-breaking credentials. She is a woman of undeniable talent, courage, and inspiration.

Her greatest gift is that voice—a breathtaking sonic cornucopia filled with emotion and intelligence, able to plumb and scale the depths and heights of song in seamless fashion. Long after its recording debut in 1963, this vocal instrument remains the most impeccable in contemporary popular music.

On 4 October 2006, Ms Streisand embarked on Streisand: The Tour, a series of concerts across 20 cities in North America. The tour showcases the reclusive entertainer (b. 1942) returning to her musical roots with songs that she recorded early in her career. It has broken box-office records and reaped universal acclaim from critics in praise of her warm, regal showmanship. Once again, Ms Streisand has reaffirmed her stature as the unparalled grande dame of show business.

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