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Corinne Padilla, Sharon Marnell, and Paul

With Sharon Marnell and me in my flat.

When Sharon returned from a tour of Central Europe with the Voices of Bahá, she taught Corinne and me a barbershop rendition of “Over the Rainbow” that she had picked up during the travel. This song quickly became our “anthem” together!

Corinne Padilla, Andre Ross, and Paul, February 2004

Performing with André Ross at the annual Ayyám-i-Há children's party, Haifa, Israel, February 2004.

André, Corinne, Sharon, and I sang a riotous English number called “Gilly Gilly Ossen Feffer Catzen Ella Bogen By the Sea”. The four of us had never sang together on stage, so this occassion was apropos: like them, the party was fun and full of musical surprises.

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